BlendMount BMX-2034 Escort Max Special Radar Detector MT Ferrari

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  • Mount your Escortor Beltronics radar detector without the sticky cup or suction cups
  • Keeps your radar from bouncing or falling off your windshield
  • Securely attaches your radar detector to the stem of your rear view mirror – A perfect solution to get rid of the visor clip or the beanbag setup
  • Multiple adjustments allow for the perfect placementof your radar detector
  • A high quality mount constructed of durable, lightweight, black anodized aluminum
  • Kit includes everything needed for a professional looking installation, including extra hardware, Allen wrenches, cable ties and instruction sheet
  • Radar detector and power cable not included
  • MirrorTap power cord sold separately
  • Patented Spring Clip. Machined and assembled in California, USA
  • Left hand drive vehicle