BlendMount BMX-UC1 7 / 8" Slot Upgrade Kit for Passport Max

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  • Upgrade your BlendMount Radar Detector BBE Series to the New Escort Passport Max with this upgrade kit
  • Installs easily and requires no modification to the BlendMount mount
  • Mount your Escort Passport Max Radar Detector without the StickyCup windshield mount
  • Looks factory installed
  • Kit includes everything needed for a professional looking installation: new clip, extra hardware, Allen wrenches, instruction sheet
  • Requires existing BlendMount product (sold separately)
Compatible with: 
  • BBE-2000 
  • BBE-2001
  • BBE-2003
  • BBE-2004
  • BBE-2008
  • BBE-2009
  • BBE-2010
  • BBE-2011
  • BBE-2012
  • BBE-2020
  • BBE-2214