Movies2Go MTG10UHD 10" Digital LED Backlit Monitor w / DVD / HDMI / MHL

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  • 10" widescreen LED backlit monitor/DVD player with built-in dome lights
  • Switchable 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio
  • Interchangeable pewter, shale and black trim rings
  • HDMI/MHL input
  • Audio/video inputs for additional source units
  • USB/SD inputs for digital media (4GB max on SD cards)
  • Audio/video output
  • Integrated dual channel IR transmitter
  • Built-in 16 channel FM modulator with FM transmitter function (SIRSWB for a hardwire FM modulator)
  • Remote control with front and rear control
  • Wired headphone jack
  • Cables, mounting bracket, hardware and trim ring included